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Pool Pilot Digital

AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generators  Salt Chlorine Generators

For 30 years, AutoPilot has been producing the finest Salt Chlorine Generators (electrolytic chlorine generator systems) for your pool. AutoPilot is your most reliable source for chlorine generators - the most sought after form of alternative pool sanitation available in today's marketplace. By adding a minimum saline level in your pool, the equivalent of one teaspoon per gallon of water, and our salt conversion cell, we can show you the way to trouble free pool maintenance and the most luxurious, softest feeling water imaginable - everyday, the natural way. Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again. Never deal with irritating dry skin or red eye syndrome. Never buy, transport or store chlorine again. AutoPilot guarantees perfect pool water with our chlorine generator.

Jandy Pool Products

  LXI - The Next Generation in Heating Technology

Integrating the most advanced features in every aspect — from superior hydraulic design, lightest and strongest composite material construction — to a technologically innovative control system, the LXi brings the future of heating comfort to your pool.

Hi-E2 Heaters - Efficiency Equals Savings

Exceptionally low operating costs – experience the savings offered by the most advanced and fuel efficient heater. "The best heater money can buy."

This ultra-efficient, low-maintenance heater is the perfect choice for pools and spas where economic operation or an extended swimming season are a major consideration.

  • An impressive 95% heating efficiency rating — the most efficient available without costly add-ons.
  • A unique forced-air system makes this the ideal heater for use in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations.
  • Dual thermostat controls make this an excellent choice for pool/spa combinations.
  • Safe and easy to maintain, the Hi-E2 employs our hot surface ignition system, completely eliminating the pilot light.
  • High-tech composite materials and quality construction make this a very

The Next Generation of Jandy Pumps

Jandy is proud to introduce it's new series of pumps – three models designed for all your pool and spa needs. The new Stealth, PlusHP and MaxHP pumps are quieter, more powerful and more efficient than ever. They are designed for ease of operation and maintenance, featuring larger trap baskets, ergonomic cam-lock lids and quick-connect unions. Jandy pumps are available in full, up-rated and highly efficient two-speed models.

Jandy DEV Filters - Ultra-clear Filtration

For unsurpassed water clarity choose Jandy Diatomaceous Earth Filters. The Jandy DEV filter’s extra large capacity extend cleaning cycles and reduce energy usage. Our easy-grip tank handles make installation and cleaning easy. One-of-a-kind pressure gauge/air release valve with built-in water saving Clean/Dirty indicator accurately tells you when the filter requires cleaning. We offer a choice of 48 or 60 square foot capacity models.

Jandy Large Cartridge Filters - Clearly Efficient

Jandy’s large cartridge filters set the benchmark in cartridge filtration. They are technologically advanced and filled with many user-friendly features. The large cartridge filter design takes advantage of the filter’s total surface area, providing the clearest possible water and extended cleaning cycles. The new CV filter is designed to work more efficiently with other Jandy products by incorporating the Versa Plumb system. This filter is equipped for high flow rates and optimum hydraulic performance. Both CV and CL large cartridge filters are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant, heavy duty high-tech polymeric materials for long-lasting performance. These filters are both available in 340, 460 and 580 square foot models.

Jandy Wireless AquaLink® RS OneTouch

The AquaLink RS OneTouch brings a new level of simplicity, convenience and flexibility from indoors to your swimming pool and spa automation.With automatic control of heating, lighting, water features and more you will be able to sit back and enjoy your backyard paradise. With customized programming of unlimited on/off times and activation of multiple pieces of equipment with OneTouch you are able to manage your backyard environment with ease.Imagine your spa at the perfect temperature when you arrive home from a long day at work. Your swimming pool and spa are your own private paradise and the Jandy AquaLink RS Control System puts that paradise at your fingertips.With recent software enhancements to the OneTouch Control System, you can now save energy by activating seasonal adjustments, automatically optimizing your filtration and purification based on seasonal needs. Hand over control of your sprinklers to the OneTouch Control System for a more powerful and easy to use interface and a superior way to water your yard.

Jandy's new Control System in an Attractive, Wireless Handheld Remote

The Jandy PDA Pool Digital Assistant, brings the power and flexibility of a wireless control system to the palm of your hand. Imagine never getting out of the pool or spa to adjust the temperature, turn on a jet or waterfall. Wherever you are, virtually every pool and spa function can be performed from the Jandy Wireless PDA.

The PDC Spas Legacy

PDC Spas is a spa manufacturer that puts their customers’ needs first. Comfort, design, engineered performance and service are qualities that have been responsible for spiraling growth of Plastic Development Company, Inc. as a leading fiberglass product manufacturer since 1957. Experience the PDC spa manufacturer’s spirit.

Comfort, design, engineered performance, and service are qualities responsible for PDC’s success as a spa manufacturer. Since 1957, PDC has led the industry with innovative ideas and patented spa features. Being the first spa manufacturer to receive UL listing status on a modular portable unit, PDC continues to uphold their reputation as a spa manufacturer dedicated to consumer safety and comfort while servicing hundreds of retailers worldwide. Today, PDC Spas also offers our customers top-of-the-line products; whirlpool bathtubs, custom in ground spas, and great spa accessories. Product reliability at PDC begins with the finest raw materials and 5 decades of manufacturing experience to confidently offer an unsurpassed 35 year warranty.

For more information see PDC website:
To schedule a appointment with a sales representative call (609) 953-0993

BABY-LOC® Removable Fencing...

Now in Two High-Quality Desgins!

BABY-LOC® is the first removable fencing good enough to come from LOOP-LOC . . . now available in original and new DELUXE models! Both original BABY-LOC and BABY-LOC DELUXE exceed U.S. Consumer Product Guidelines.

  • ORIGINAL BABY-LOC A convenient, cost-effective way to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool, raised deck or dock.
  • NEW! BABY-LOC DELUXE Elegant new designer look, extra-sturdy construction. Easier, quicker installation can utilize same anchors used for LOOP-LOC safety covers.

LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover

Protect Your Family With The One Pool Cover That Passed The "Bubbles The Elephant" Test!

You'll probably never need a pool cover strong enough to support the weight of "Bubbles," the African elephant seen here. But imagine how safe you'll feel owning the only pool cover that's proven it can: the one and only LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover!

Built From The Highest Quality Materials!

Built super-strong and securely anchored into the deck, LOOP-LOC puts an unbreakable "lock" on your pool to protect your family.

Safety So Unique, It's Patented.

Only LOOP-LOC comes with the patented SAFEDGE® and GAPGUARD® Child Safety Intrusion Barrier. It closes the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the cover's edge, so there's no way children or pets can slip through!

Only A LOOP-LOC Performs Like A LOOP-LOC!

Here just a few of the reasons why:

  • The polyester bonded thread used in LOOP-LOC covers costs almost 10 times more than that used by some of our competitors.
  • Double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps give our covers an incredibly high break strength.
  • We use extremely high-strength, non-corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.
  • We sew the webbing to the cover using contrasting white thread, instead of black, to ensure that not a single stitch is missed.
  • We use 87% black yarn in our fabric for superior UV stability.
  • Chafe strips are manufactured with exclusively virgin material - not "regrind," which tends to stain decking.
  • Non-corrosive aluminum tips are double-notched for stability.
  • The large X-tacking on LOOP-LOC straps is sewn manually for precise placement and maximum strength.